【Ski Resort Summary】To everyone who loves skiing and snowboarding. Let's visit the heavy snowfall area and 4 ski resorts!


Introducing “winter activities” in northern Hokkaido!
This time it’s an oversized issue!

Here are four ski resorts that are the backbone of the heavy snowfall area.
There are many people who visit Hokkaido and
visit Asahikawa City as a base.

We have summarized the features and attractions of each ski resort, so please refer to them

◆Kamui Ski Links
◆Asahikawa Santa Present Park
◆Canmore Ski Village
◆Pippu Ski Resort

Kamui Ski Links, the only gondola in the heavy snow area


Amazing right!
Seen from the sky, it is such a vast ski resort.
It takes 8 minutes to reach the summit with a total length of 2,327m!

It is the largest ski resort in the heavy snowfall area.

A superb view of the Ishikari Plain spreads out.
A sunny day is sure to be Instagrammable!

There are 25 courses!

In addition to
gondolas, there are also five pair lifts.
You can’t slip through it in one day!

There is also a beginner course, so
even elementary school children can enjoy it!

Exquisite smoothness

After all, this powder snow!

About 30% of the courses are uncompacted,
and skiers from all over the country and the world come to seek
this snow quality.

It takes about 1 hour from Asahikawa Airport, 90 minutes from Sapporo,
there is also a direct bus from Asahikawa City, so if you come to a heavy snowfall area,
you should definitely ski at this ski resort!

Enjoy not only skiing but also the night view at “Santa Present Park”

Next is
Asahikawa Santa Present Park.

This ski resort can
enjoy such a night view not only
during the day but also at night.

Good access from Asahikawa city in about 15 minutes!
A dazzling light spreads.

It’s also great for dating, isn’t it?

Slippery slopes

Even if you are trying skiing for the first time or
skiing for the first time in a long time, you can rest assured!

There are many relatively gentle courses and
wide slopes,
so even small children can enjoy it.

3 lifts

Lifts of different lengths are in operation to
the summit and the middle of the mountain.

It’s nice to be able to choose according to your level!
The snow quality is smooth despite being close to the city.

Why don’t you add a “ski experience” in the heavy snow area to your trip to

Stylish and immigrant Higashikawa Town’s “Canmore Ski Village”

Recommended for families

Canmore Ski Village is the
closest ski resort from Asahikawa Airport.

As soon as I arrived, I
finally went back to the end.

The distance is only 15 minutes by car!

Heart on the slopes

And what made
this ski resort famous is this heart mark.

It’s cute, isn’t it?
It is a symbol that you definitely want to keep in your commemorative photo.

Spreading rice paddies

Higashikawa is a town where rice cultivation is thriving.
You can enjoy a beautiful view divided into sections.

When you slide out from the top,
it’s like jumping into the sky.

This sense of openness is irresistible!
You can feel the magnificent nature of Hokkaido with your whole body.

If you want to choose both advanced and beginners based on balance, “Pippu Ski Resort”

Just the right scale

It is a ski resort that combines good points with
experienced skiers and easy to slip even for beginners!

There is also a non-compacted snow course, so
it is also recommended for those who want to enjoy deep snow fluffy!

3 lifts

There are 9 courses available, so
you can enjoy it according to your level.

Pippu Ski Resort has unique prices.
If you buy a one-day ticket, you will get a bath ticket for the bath.
Isn’t it great to be healed at the end!

A must-see for borders!

There is also a park, so it
is popular with snowboarders.

In the box on the jumping platform.
How would you assemble it?

There are other ski resorts with a cob course and
a non-compacted snow area in the beginner’s course,
so it is a ski resort with many fun elements.

A great ticket that allows you to visit all the ski resorts in the heavy snowfall area!

That’s great!

I can’t squeeze it into one!
If you are such a person, please do not hesitate to click here.

is a set of 11,000 yen for a one-day ticket to four ski resorts.
Much cheaper than buying each!

Please take advantage of it.

There is also an article that summarizes the details of each ski resort, so
please check that as well!