• Kotaro Ishiguro

    MEDIC First Aid Childcare Plus
    MEDIC First Aid Childcare Plus
    Red Cross Snow Safety Rescuer I
    RAC Assistant Leader
    NACS-J Nature Guide
    Care Worker


    We are here to help you enjoy Touma-cho to the fullest!
    Take a leisurely stroll through the satoyama, limestone caves, and forests of Toma-cho, or stop and listen carefully.... Why don't you spend a different kind of time with us in Taima Town?
  • Kentaro Iwabuchi

    Outdoor guide certified by the Governor of Hokkaido (summer and winter mountains)
    Certified as a Treeing Ichihun Instructor
    Wilderness Advance First Aid (WAFA)


    We will do our best to support your "first step" to play and have fun in Hokkaido.
    Let's feel and enjoy various things together with your eyes, ears, hands and feet!
    I will do my best to enjoy with you!
  • Toshinari Ota

    New Zealand Rafting Association (NZRA) Grade 4/5 Senior Guide
    New Zealand Rafting Association (NZRA) Grade 4/5 Senior Guide
    British Columbia River Outfitters Association (BCROA) Trip Leader (oar/paddle)
    Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT) I
    Wilderness First Aid First Responder (80h)
    Active Member, Canadian Avalanche Association
    Japan Avalanche Network Avalanche Worker Level 1


    I followed the rivers of the world and continued my journey.
    I have been following such a river guide lifestyle, and like the river, like the water, I have come to Kamikawa Town, where the rivers, mountains, and people are wonderful.
    I would be happy if everyone could experience the wonder of playing in nature through river rafting and the beauty of the rivers around Daisetsuzan, which show their various faces depending on the season.
  • Koichi Toba

    Certified by the Japan Mountain Guides Association as a mountaineering guide (Stage II) and ski guide (Stage I)
    Nature Park Instructor (Ministry of the Environment)
    Beginner level para-sports instructor
    LNT Trainer
    Hokkaido Outdoor Guide Certification (Nature)


    Have you forgotten how to feel?
    We will guide you through a variety of nature from mountains to villages. Knowledge is important, but so is feeling. From full-scale mountain climbing to leisurely hiking, we will guide you to enjoy the nature of the Higashigawa River for all ages from children to adults. We try to provide a wide range of activities for all ages, from children to adults, to enjoy the nature of the Higashikawa River.
  • Yasuhito Arata

    Outdoor guide certified by the Governor of Hokkaido (Master Guide, certified as an excellent business) / Canoeing (Junior Guide)
    Nature Park Instructor, Ministry of the Environment
    Ski instructor/snowboard instructor
    CONE Leader
    Project WET Educator
    Completed General Lifesaving Course I, II, III
    Completed Advanced Lifesaving Course


    Born and raised in Hokkaido! Hokkaido's natural environment, from the harsh mountain environment to hiking and camping in the countryside, is led by guides who are born and raised in Hokkaido! Safe and fun is a given! Let's go one step beyond fun and learn something as a souvenir.
  • Atsushi Kaneko

    (Japan Mountain Guides Association, Mountaineering Guide Stage II


    Although I am from Kanagawa Prefecture, Daisetsuzan is a mountain in my heart. I would like to convey the world-class charm of Mt.
  • Takuma Okusada

    ・JSPA (Japan Safety Paddling Association Associate Member)
    ・JSCA (Japan Safety Canoeing Association) Safety &Rescue Program completion
    ・RAC Assistant Leader completion
    ・Advanced First Aid Training completion


    Let's feel the excitement, the thrill, the wow in this Hokkaido! I'm sure those small experiences and emotions will enrich your life a little bit! I would be very happy if I could be of some help to make your life a little richer!
  • Tetsuya Sugiura

    Outdoor guide certified by the Governor of Hokkaido (Mountains (summer))
    JCTA (Japan Cycle Tourism Association) certified cycling guide
    Bicycle Safety Mechanic
    Bicycle technician
    Red Cross first-aid certification
    Completed Red Cross Snow Safety Rescuer I
    Completed the Advanced First Aid Course


    The Asahikawa/Daisetsu area has world-class powder snow in winter, and in summer you can enjoy cycling and mountain climbing amidst spectacular scenery.
    Asahikawa Ride offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you at our guesthouse with manager Yonesuke 😺.