Why don’t you give your loved ones a special “experience”? TAISETSU TIME with CRAFTMAN”, a catalog gift of experiences in the Taisetsu area, is now available!


For a wedding or a birthday gift.
For a loved one’s birthday

You want to give something special as a gift, but you are not sure if you can find a gift that will not be shared by others.
But is there a gift that will not be shared with others?

This information is a must-see for such people.

Experience the Daisetsu area in the middle of Hokkaido!
The “experience” of the Taisetsu area in the middle of Hokkaido is now available as a catalog gift!

This is a great way to reward yourself for your busy work schedule.

The theme of the catalog gift is “Craftsman”.

There are many gifts that can be given as a gift of “things.
But what a gift to give “a thing”!

This book, an entire book, is a gift of a special plan to experience the Taisetsu area.
This book is a special plan that allows you to experience the Taisetsu area!

Taisetsu Kamuimintara DMO started selling this book in February.

The theme of the catalog gift is “Craftsman”.
People who make, nurture, and convey products to others
In the Taisetsu area, there are craftsmen who produce a variety of products.
This is a catalog gift featuring hands-on experience-type products that allow you to “actually meet” these craftspeople!

There is nothing but “make it yourself” in this gift!

We hope that you will be able to celebrate a milestone or
as a gift for a milestone celebration or a gift to be given as a gift.
You may have received a catalog gift as a gift for a milestone celebration or as a gift for a present.

Shall we choose household goods?
Or maybe you would like to buy a new pot for this occasion….
Or maybe some high-end beef?

Thinking about these things
I am sure you will flip through the pages.

In this catalog gift
There is no plan to send “things” in this catalog gift.
This is what makes it completely different from ordinary gifts!

We have worked with over 50 businesses in the Taisetsu area to create this catalog.
You can enjoy your favorite experience from our special plans created with over 50 businesses in the Taisetsu area.

Are you a gourmet foodie? Nature? Or craftsmanship?

The Taisetsu area is a nationally renowned furniture production area.
You can visit the Asahikawa Furniture factory and see the craftsmen at work up close!

And it doesn’t end there!

The theme of the catalog gift is Craftsman.
After the tour, you will polish your own tray and make a souvenir.

That’s something you can’t experience on an ordinary sightseeing tour!

Dairy farming takes advantage of the vast land.
Many people think of Hokkaido.

You can visit a dairy farm, listen to the farmer’s story, and even try your hand at milking,
You can also experience milking the milk!

If you shake the milk as hard as you can, you will be able to make butter.

There are many bakeries in this area.
On your way home, buy a loaf of bread made from Hokkaido wheat.
and serve it with butter you made yourself.

How about this luxurious gourmet experience?

And the stress of daily life.
The beautiful flowers of Hokkaido
will gently heal your daily stress.

Herb harvesting and private guided tours of the garden.
private guided tours of the garden.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city
and spend a relaxing time in the Taisetsu area.
How about such a holiday?

Let’s review! How to use catalog gifts

First of all, choose a plan carefully!
This is the best part of catalog gifts.

Once you have decided, you can apply for the gift from the dedicated website!
Read the ID card enclosed in the booklet.
Your reservation is now complete.

Now all you have to do is visit and enjoy the Taisetsu area!
Don’t forget the ID card you used when you applied.

Even after ordering and experiencing
The catalog gift is as informative as a magazine!
Enjoy reading it as well.

That’s why
Taisetsu Kamuimintara DMO started selling in February
TAISETSU TIME with CRAFTMAN” which has been on sale since February.

For more information and to purchase the catalog
and details of the catalog, please click the link below!

Spend time with a craftsman in the “heart of Hokkaido.

Such a wonderful experience!
Why don’t you send such a wonderful experience to your loved ones?