Is it true that you can ski until Golden Week? Play all winter at Kurodake Ski Resort until the end!


The place of longing for professionals and
other serious skiers is here, Kurodake!

Located on Daisetsuzan Mountain, which is called “the great roof of Hokkaido”, it
is a spectacular scale at 1,984m above sea level!
It is a mountain ski resort that represents Hokkaido.

Needless to say, the purpose of visitors here is the best snow quality.
You can enjoy the powder snow brought by nature.

In addition to skiing, there are other attractive facilities around Mt. Kurodake.
Stylish spots are also being born!

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What kind of ski resort?

It is a mountain ski resort located at an altitude of around 1300m by ropeway from Sounkyo Onsen, and the course is around the 1100m long lift,
and when you get off the end of the lift at an altitude of 1500m,

you can see a vast panoramic view of the Kitadaisetsu area.

The focus is on the length of the season.
From early November to mid-May…

This means that you can ski “more than half of the year”!
Can you feel the scale of the heavy snowfall area?

▲ Photo from the official website

Such a scene

Even though it’s a ski resort,
it’s a short sleeve? ??

Yes, it is Kurodake’s specialty “spring ski”.
In May, you can feel the power of the sun.

Even though it’s winter, you can have a strange experience of
being cheerful!

Ski in the heavy snow area on GW!
How about such a wonderful trip?

▲ Photo from the official website

Gentle areas too

I want to ski on Mt. Kurodake.
I wonder if I’m okay with my ability …
I have no experience with mountain skiing.

It’s okay if you’re such a person!

Mt. Kurodake is certainly steep in some places, but overall,
the slope is relatively relaxed.

Steep places are slow and effortless according to the level.
After that, enjoy the powder snow!
It’s like jumping into the sky!

Slope rice that can be enjoyed even at Mt. Kurodake! Please try ramen!

Tomochan Cafeteria

It is a cafeteria at the 5th station where you get off the ropeway.
This ramen is popular!

Kamikawa Town is located in Mt. Kurodake.
In fact, it is known as the town of local ramen.

Speaking of ramen, “Shoyu” in nearby Asahikawa City is famous,
but Asahikawa ramen and Kamikawa ramen are a little different.

In Kamikawa Town, there are shops that serve only pork bones instead of so-called double soup of pork bones and seafood,
and shops that use miso and salt instead
of regular oil.

Tomo-chan cafeteria with piste food!
After that, it seems fun to eat and compare in the town.

Skiing is not the only activity in Kurodake!

Snowshoes are also popular!

Powder snow is
not only for skiing and snowboarding!

Would you like to snowshoe through deep snow?
Fluffy snow is waiting for you!

The view spreads out with a magnificent panorama.

I don’t think it’s easy to see such a silver world.
The cold is also a memory of the trip.

Listen to the birds and enjoy using all five senses!

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There is also a stylish café in the shop! You can spend a relaxing day


There is also a Columbia concept shop in
the Sounkyo Onsen Kurodake Ropeway Station building!

The assortment is not inferior to the city.
You can pick up the latest items and choose them.

Healing coffee

In the facility,
Black Mountain Coffee serves one cup of freshly brewed!

How about taking a break after
the winter mountains?

Wood warmth

Coffee time at
a single-panel table is great.
It is a space where time flows slowly.

So, this time, we
introduced winter activities such as
Kurodake Ski Resort and
surrounding facilities.

The area around the ropeway Sanroku Station is a hot spring town,
and you can stay overnight or take a day trip to the bath.

Don’t give up just because the snow has already melted!
Please enjoy the winter in the heavy snowfall area until the very end